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Teeth Whitening in Essex

As we get older, our teeth get a little…well…dull. What that means is that the whiter your teeth, the younger and healthier you’ll look.

Of course that doesn’t mean you have to get a brighter-than-the-sun A-lister smile, but if your teeth are yellowing or stained then going a few shades lighter can make a massive difference to your smile and your confidence.

Here at Street Farm in Essex, we use the latest techniques to help transform your smile by making it whiter, brighter and more gorgeous than you ever thought it could be.

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Almost anyone can have tooth whitening to remove stains of teeth, such as red wine, smoking, and coffee. Smokers can be very successfully treated very successfully.

As tooth whitening agents are applied to teeth, oxygen released form the tooth whitening gel is forced through the enamel to the dentine and discolouration disappears without damaging the tooth’s structure.

The first step for home tooth whitening is impression taking. Then we make a cast model of your teeth on which a custom tooth whitening tray is made with precise fit which is checked by your dentist. After filling the tray with a gentle teeth whitening gel, simply insert them and resume your normal activities or retire for the evening.

We Have Three Choices Available…

1 – Take Home Whitening

At your initial appointment we take moulds of your teeth and send them off to our lab. The lab creates two perfect-fit trays that fit over your teeth, both top and bottom. Your clinician will then provide you with a special whitening gel and instructions on how to use it to achieve your perfect shade over the course of 10 – 30 days. Take home whitening gels are powerful, yet completely safe and should last several years providing you take care of your teeth in accordance with the instructions given to you by your dentist.

2 – In House Whitening

In house whitening works in just one session and is achieved by using a special high strength gel, which is applied by your dentist and then cured using a laser. The whole process takes around one hour and is entirely harmless. Again, it’s important that you take care of your teeth to ensure that the results last as long as possible.

3 – Power Whitening

Deep Bleaching, by Enlighten, gives guaranteed results on even severely stained teeth, and is carried out first in the surgery, with ‘top ups’ done at home after the initial treatment. As with all whitening treatments, it is vital that you always get teeth whitening and teeth bleaching carried out by a registered dental professional in order to avoid permanent damage to your dentition.

Our affordable, specialist bleaching packages, carried out from our clinic in Essex, are highly effective and entirely safe. If you have any questions about these products, or are concerned about treatment you may have received from an unlicensed professional, please contact us today.

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